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"The UKNCSA™ has been established to promote cyber security improvements to all UK Businesses from the large multi-national corporations to SME's because all are facing an ever growing threat from cyber criminals. This initiative promotes growth and innovation through operating in a secure digital environment. It is free to join.

The focus is on improving dialog between the top executives and the company security head whether called a CISO or another title, because collaboration is an intrinsic part of developing a successful cyber security programme."

David R. Bird MSc. CISSP.
Chair of UK National Cyber Security Association.
David R.Bird - Profile

The UKNCSA Weekly Bulletin provides a weekly roundup of Cyber Security News with the particular angle on improving your cyber resilience.

Free membership includes subscription to the UKNCSA Weekly Bulletin by email.

The Association Goes to Parliament

Our Chair, David R. Bird, participating at the Cyber-Crime Summit, a Parliamentary Think Tank Debate held in Committee Room 16 of the Houses of Parliament on 23 May 2019. Houses of Parliament

The UKNCSA is not a Government agency. As an independent association it can actively voice the concerns of it's members and work with all organisations both national and international, to further the cause of good cyber security.

UKNCSA™ is the National Cyber Security Association™ for the UK.
It is a highly regarded, independent association established for the benefit of it's members. It is established for Large Corporations, Consultants, and SMEs.



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UKNCSA™ is the National Cyber Security Association™ for the UK.
UKNCSA is administered by UKNCSA Ltd (a non-profit organisation).
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