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The following modules are in continual development with additional sections being added each week.

Module 1: Boardroom Focus
The information contained in the Boardroom Focus module is specifically designed to help those who are accountable for the organisation. In a commercial company that would be all members of the Board of Directors, in the non-commercial arena that may be the Board of Trustees or Board of Governors.

By planning board meetings to include some of the material from this module on the agenda can greatly enhance the cyber knowledge of the Board. This enables better discussion and decision making regarding cyber security planning. Boardroom Focus

In order to "jump start" the cyber security programme, board discussion sessions can be arranged by making use of the Virtual CISO Service

Module 2: Incident Response Sessions
This module contains realistic, interactive scenarios which should be used to develop the best response to a real life data breach situation.

You can get help in delivering this Incident Response Training module direct from the developer David R.Bird who specialises in this work and is available to provide the Facilitator Service or to train your in house facilitator.

Using these scenario practice sessions can literally save your company from closure. The catastrophic results of mis-handling a data breach incident can cripple a medium sized company and last year many small companies collapsed due to these situations. The majority of companies both large and small are now getting their networks breached resulting in data leaks, lost production time and a huge waste of management resource time.

Not all breaches can be prevented, however, the manner in which a company responds can be either efficient, professional, and positive for the company or unprepared, haphazard, and extremely damaging for the company.

The module is structured into sections, and each section contains the scenario material and directions to the facilitator. The company can appoint a manager as it's own facilitator or may hire an independent third party to assist them. A trained facilitator will lead the conversation with appropriate questions. Incident Response

For details of Incident Response Training please visit:Executive Incident Response Training

Module 3: Cyber Business Services
This is a useful directory of consultants offering business services that are related to cyber security. Cyber Business Services

Module 4: Solutions Spotlight
The cyber marketplace in international and has some 3000 vendors offering many diverse solutions to meet the cyber security challenge. Each month, we look at two or three of them and highlight them in this Solutions Spotlight module.